Comedians You Should Know


Marty DeRosa - comedian/producer

Marty DeRosa began doing stand-up comedy in 2006 and quickly set himself apart from his comedy peers with an amazing flair for crowd work and an uncanny knowledge of professional wrestling. A south side favorite, this Indiana native has made a name for himself among the nation's comedy movers and shakers. A founding member and producer of Comedians You Should Know, Marty is part of the talent and brains behind the popular wrestling-themed web series Creative Has Nothing For You and the popular podcast Wrestling with Depression.

Danny Kallas - comedian/producer


The blue-collar Chicago accent of Danny Kallas has been described as "so thick, you don't even know what hit you." Raised in Elmwood Park, a tightly-knit community bordering Chicago's Northwest side, Danny enjoys blending all sorts of comedy. From absurd silliness to intelligent satire, if it's funny, it's in his act.

A founding member and producer of Comedians You Should Know, Danny has been named on's list of funniest comedians in Chicago. He was the winner of Snubfest 2009 and has been seen nationwide in festivals like Just For Laughs and the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta.

Joe Kilgallon - comedian/producer

Born and raised in Chicago, Joe Kilgallon has been performing stand-up comedy since 2006. A producer of Comedians You Should Know, Joe's in-your-face style and charismatic charm help paint stories drawn heavily from personal experience and his Chicago-Irish roots, making him an instant favorite and the type of comedian everyone wants to share a drink with after the show.

Mike Lebovitz - comedian/producer


Mike Lebovitz' comedy career began at the age of six with clowning classes at the local JCC. He's been delighting and confounding audiences big and small ever since with his offbeat, yet accessible brand of humor.

An accomplished actor, director and writer, he draws from a broad range of disciplines in building his act using outlandish viewpoints and subversive turns of phrase to highlight the inherent absurdity of being.

A producer of Comedians You Should Know, Mike has offended nostrils in Montreal as a "New Face" of the 2013 Just For Laughs and in Switzerland where he won the international competition at the 2013 Montreux Comedy Festival.

Michael Sanchez - Artistic director/filmmaker


Michael Sanchez studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City and turned his attention to stand-up following his move to Chicago in 2006. His off-kilter act has been seen all over the country, including Seattle's Bumbershoot and The Seaport Music Festival in New York City, and in a fluke of accidental luck he once had the pleasure of opening for Tracy Morgan.

A founding member and producer of Comedians You Should Know, Michael also co-hosts and produces the monthly storytelling series "I SHIT YOU NOT!" as well as it's weekly podcast "The Poodcast", both of which feature real-life tales of failed restraint and bodily blunders.

His film work can be seen at Life Jazz Films.

Ricky Gonzalez - comedian/producer

Ricky Gonzalez was raised in Evanston, IL. After a college and semi-pro baseball career, Ricky turned his focus to stand-up comedy and has since performed at some of the top comedy venues in the Midwest. Ricky is a cast member at the prestigious Lincoln Lodge, the longest running, independently produced comedy show in the country. He is also an associate producer and regular performer at Comedians You Should Know.

Ricky has performed in the Just For Laughs Festival, Traverse City Comedy Festival, Hoboken Comedy Festival and recently made his national television debut in an episode of "How the States Got Their Shapes" on the History channel. Ricky was also a writer for the popular web series "Creative Has Nothing For You" starring Colt Cabana & Marty DeRosa.

Martin Morrow - comedian/producer

Martin Morrow is originally from Birmingham, AL where he started doing stand-up, improv and belonged to an award winning sketch/stand-up hybrid "Tubbi and Martin". He has performed in clubs, colleges and festivals all over the country including Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia and Portland and has worked with some of the top names in comedy. 

Currently residing in Chicago, Martin has performed in several shows with Second City as a part of their Outreach & Diversity ensemble in addition to being a Second City PUMA scholarship recipient and graduate of The Conservatory. He has put on several one man shows at The Playground Theater and MPaact Theater and in addition to being an ‚Äčassociate producer to one of the highest acclaimed comedy shows in the country, Comedians You Should Know, as well as a former cast member of The Lincoln Lodge. A regular at the Laugh Factory, his work has been featured on the Huffington Post, he was a finalist in the seventh season of the Impress These Apes comedy competition and performed in the 2014 Hell Yes Fest, 2014 Epitonic Deep Festival, 2014 Tomorrow Never Knows Festival, 2014 Green Gravel Comedy Festival, 2014 Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and the 2013 TBS Just for Laughs Festival.

Jeff Steinbrunner - Comedian/Producer

Jeff Steinbrunner is a Chicago-based comedian who spends his time daydreaming about cartoons and gameshows, while relentlessly questioning the very reality we all suppose to be real.

He is a regular at Chicago's Laugh Factory, a cast member of the prestigious Chicago Underground Comedy and an Associate Producer of Comedians You Should Know. He performed in the inaugural Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, Indiana and was named "Best of Fest" at The Accidental Comedy Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Over the last 5 years Jeff has worked tirelessly, honing his act in front of diverse audiences from a multitude of locations including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, St. Louis, Nashville, Cleveland and Tokyo, Japan.

Blending absurd visuals, unexpected twists and a face so smiley you wouldn't mind punching it, Jeff works hard to make every performance as fun and memorable as possible.

Kristen Toomey - Comedian/Producer

Kristen Toomey, one of the fastest-rising comedians in her hometown of Chicago, is a producer of Comedians You Should Know. Smart, quick witted and brutally honest, Kristen is a regular at the Laugh Factory and UP Comedy Club, has headlined at the Chicago Women's Funny Festival and performed at The Chicago Comedy Expo. She was a founding member of the all female comedy collective Hoo HA Comedy, named one of Chicago's Best Showcases by Time Out Chicago. In addition to her stand-up work, Kristen has dabbled in television (Bad Sides) and was the stand-up consultant for the feature film “Nate & Margaret". The Chicago Tribune has said of her "Toomey is part of a tradition of comics who kill when sober."